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    An evening out in Covent Garden

    I am probably one of very few Londoners who genuinely love Covent Garden, despite it being one of those forever busy “touristy” areas of this glorious city. I agree, it can be a bit too much, especially if you do not feel comfortable in crowded places or get easily annoyed by slow walking gawking tourists who do not look where they go. But is also a magical place – cobbled streets full of great boutiques and restaurants, street performances, live music  (how can you not love that?!) and I always manage to find something exciting to dive into and explore in Covent Garden. Read more


    A “bit” of shopping in Covent Garden

    I am not a shopping addict, honest! I just get into “binge shopping” mode occasionally. Over the Christmas break I have managed to spend quite a few quid by doing some shopping. Well, after I have accidentally opted in for an Amazon Prime one month trial when buying medication for my cat Anton in November, I needed to test it out properly before the trial runs out! There, that’s a good excuse for my crazy shopping marathon during December. Although I am struggling to come up with one for the non-Amazon related purchases, I am sure I will come up with a good excuse later. So here’s the tale of my shopping at Russell & Bromley store. Read more

    Product review, Shopping

    Another most aromatic balm to lay your hands on – literally

    If you are looking for a good hand cream that is rich, soothing, easily absorbed by your skin and smells amazing, look no further – go to Aesop and get one of their aromatic hand balms. Over the last ten months I have been lucky enough to be using their gorgeous Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm that I fell in love with the first time I tried it. I love that Aesop stores usually have a container with the pump hanging outside by the door, you do not even have to go inside the store to try it! I have written about it here on my blog back in April last year after my dearest has kindly and generously got one for me from the Covent Garden store.  Read more

    Product review, Shopping

    The most aromatic balm to lay your hands on

    Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

    For ages I have been on a lookout for a good non-greasy but effective hand cream as I am running out of my favourite “office desk draw” hand cream – Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream. I’ve been loving it so much for the last year or even longer, it moisturises the skin and cuticles so well and does not leave any sticky feeling. I am amazed it has lasted me this long, as I use it at least three to four times a day five days a week, so it’s well-worth the money! This post, however, is about a different product I cannot stop raving about: it is Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm that I want to tell you about. Read more


    Kikki.K – a new shop in town

    If you, like me, are a big lover of all things Scandinavian (I mean things like IKEA, Dansk contemporary designs, not the meatballs or gravadlax, although I do love those too!), you simply MUST go to one of the Kikki.K UK flagship stores in Covent Garden (yep, there are currently two stores there in the same area) and that is exactly where I went shopping the other day. Read more


    An afternoon in London

    I think London is beautiful at any time of year. Even in the winter, when it’s grey, windy and cold, and more often than not wet, to me London’s parks, buildings, streets have some charm that makes me smile and feel happy that I live here. This afternoon despite the biting cold I ventured out to spend a few hours outdoors, getting some fresh air (well, that is probably unlikely in London, but I would like to think that I did!) and, hopefully, get myself back into shape for commuting and being away from home after almost two weeks of “hibernation”.

    Read more


    My handbag SOS items

    Handbag SOS items

    Like any other girl’s handbag mine weighs an absolute ton – and no, I do not carry bricks in it, even though it feels like I do – most things in there are for “just in case I need them” reason. Well, I don’t know about you, but I could not be without things like a mirror/compact powder, a lip balm, an umbrella, a hair brush, a notebook, a pen, a pack of wet wipes, a pack of tissues, a wallet (well, it would be silly not to have that on you, although these days if you have one of the latest iPhones you can use Apple Pay or just get someone else to pay for you 😉 ), a perfume bottle, a hand cream, some pain killers, plasters, keys (home and work sets), a business card holder, headphones, my Oyster card – these are the absolute essentials! Read more

    Food, Life at home

    Saturday musings on bread and bacon

    Time for weekend musings. Listening to the sound of kettle boiling in the kitchen and the ticking of the clock, and the drumming of rain drops on the windows I thought I would write about my so far quiet lazy Saturday. After skipping breakfast and having a nice long lay in this morning I treated myself and Simon to some super tasty brunch – a bacon, avocado and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread. I absolutely love Allinson wholemeal bread – it is really tasty, so soft and keeps very well. As we only get groceries once a week it really helps having bread that lasts well through the week. Our chickens and wild birds in the garden enjoy an occasional slice too. Read more


    Good bye 2015…

    Leicester Square

    Well, well, well. The last ever day of the year 2015 and only a few more hours to go until it is 2016… Good bye 2015! I cannot believe how quickly time flies these days, it must be because I have “hit” my thirties barrier many moons ago. It has been great to spend the last few days of this year at home, mostly idling, playing Lego games on the Xbox, sleeping, cooking, eating, watching TV, browsing the Internet – well, basically, not working. Life is good 🙂 Well, it is at least until Monday, then it is back to the usual modus operandi. This means the early mornings, the joys of commuting and daily hard work. It is not all bad though, I do love my job, well, most of the time.

    I have been toying with the idea of starting my own “proper” blog and maybe the last day of the year 2015 is a good time to start? As they say, a year from now you’ll wish you had started today, so here I am writing my first blog. I just want to share the trivial things in my life, writing down my thoughts, tell about my ups and downs, shopping (which I love), food (mmmm, food – I love it too), travels, my pets… Maybe there will even be people out there who would be interested in reading my musings, share my shopping, cooking, dining out experiences and other life’s adventures. I will write my first proper blog post tomorrow as I am itching to share my recent shopping experience in Covent Garden.

    So, I am warm and cosy, wrapped up in a soft blanket, curled up with my kitty counting down the last few hours of 2015 and looking forward to a brand new 2016.

    Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!


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