A “bit” of shopping in Covent Garden

I am not a shopping addict, honest! I just get into “binge shopping” mode occasionally. Over the Christmas break I have managed to spend quite a few quid by doing some shopping. Well, after I have accidentally opted in for an Amazon Prime one month trial when buying medication for my cat Anton in November, I needed to test it out properly before the trial runs out! There, that’s a good excuse for my crazy shopping marathon during December. Although I am struggling to come up with one for the non-Amazon related purchases, I am sure I will come up with a good excuse later. So here’s the tale of my shopping at Russell & Bromley store.

I bought more medication for Anton (it is good to stock up as, sadly, he will be on it until the end of his life), a network card for Simon’s laptop so he is ready for Virgin media’s super speeds they promise, a new Omega Paw self cleaning cat toilet, yoghurt pots for my sister, a new leather wallet for Simon as his old wallet has been stolen a couple of weeks ago, a Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device as the old one has packed up, and ordered an amazing 3D puzzle for Simon made completely of wood by a Ukrainian start up company and it is due to arrive tomorrow. I am so excited! Well, all my purchases seem to be useful and, frankly, necessary.

Actually, I do have a valid reason for the splurge during our trip to central London a couple of days ago, I needed to invest in comfortable high heel ankle boots I have been coveting since watching “Absolutely anything” where Kate Beckinsale was running around London wearing these (great film by the way if you are after a bit of a laugh).  I mean, all right, she’s skinny and all, but those high heel babies simply HAVE to be comfy to run around in like that! Not that I’m planning to do the running in high heels any time soon, I simply had to get these beautiful boots. These boots are called Ruby Dry made by Aquatalia, in the UK this brand is sold by Russell & Bromley. They set me back £245 (ouch) but let me tell you, they are worth every penny. They are super comfortable and I have worn them twice already – no blisters/breaking in pains of any sorts. They are lined with memory foam which makes them feel like soft cloud wrapped around your feet, the heel is very sturdy and the sole is made of rubber (Vera Gomma). The suede is gorgeous and is water resistant. I mean, look at them, aren’t they gorgeous?


I have flat feet and ever since our trip to New York in September when we walked over 20,000 steps daily for around 5 days in a row, I have been suffering from aches in my right foot. I have done a lot of research online and  it does seem like I have developed a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. I tick all the “perfect candidate” criteria for this problem: female, overweight, did lots of walking on hard surface (NY is not called the concrete jungle for nothing, as all surfaces there are either concrete, brick or glass), and, of course, I do have very flat feet. I think high heels will help relieve the pressure on my heel so this purchase is fully justified!

Well, I sure am looking forward to wearing my gorgeous new boots to work on Monday.

Happy New year!

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