A day of amazing food delights

Today has been a good day for me. I had a pleasant 20 minute walk to the office in the morning – courtesy of the “dodgy” Circle line – despite the horrid wet and windy weather outside my spirits were not dampened, I actually enjoyed it! I was wearing my good old Barbour jacket with the hood that kept me warm and cosy, and it was almost comic watching people around me struggling with their umbrellas turning inside out by the ferocious wind.

At lunchtime I ventured out in search of food as I really needed a break from staring at the computer screen all morning, and I have found a street food vendor who was selling fresh falafels, grilled halloumi, hummus wraps or and salad. So I got some salad. IT WAS HEAVEN! With fresh mint, refreshing cucumber, pickled jalapenos (I think) it reminded me of the warm Mediterranean sunshine on a cold, windy and wet day in London… I enjoyed my tasty lunch in the office kitchen while watching the raindrops on the window.


My tasty refreshing lunch salad box

I felt particularly bright and bushy tailed today, I mean, I usually am quite a happy person, but maybe because for a change I wore my white pretty top? Not sure…

I took a selfie when I got home – please forgive my crazy hair (it is still windy outside). I am wearing my lovely pearl earrings I bought from Etsy (in my yesterday’s post I described the treasures I got from Etsy over the years). This top is by Oasis.

Smart outfit

My “smart” office look – white top paired with black pencil skirt and black tights and ankle booties

I have, as intended, wrestled up a quick buckwheat broth with chicken and wild mushrooms for my supper. Simon does not like mushrooms or broths, so he made himself a chicken burger with some chips and baked beans instead.

I had my broth with a couple of slices of rye bread that my friend brought from Ukraine (I kept some in the fridge and it is still perfect!) with a couple of sprigs of spring onion and a dollop of soured cream. Ah, and a LOT of dill, lucky I have frozen quite a lot of it. Mmmmm, the taste of childhood.

Buckwheat broth by Mamushka

Buckwheat broth

You can find the recipe of this broth in Olia Hercules’ cookery book called Mamushka – it is full of amazing recipes from Ukraine with such heart warming stories and photographs!

What are your favourite foods that remind you of your childhood or is it just me being sentimental?




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