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A day of just chillin’

I loooove the long weekends and this weekend happens to be one of them (at least for me). I strongly believe that employees should be allowed to work 4 days a week and have 3 days off – this way people can have a better work life/home life balance and be happier as a result. And it is not just about the employees being happy when working 4 days a week, employers would benefit from better outputs and staff retention. Apparently there are studies out there that claim that people are more productive and happier if they work this way. I dug out a few different articles from the Internet: ForbesBGRHongkiat and these were the first three results Google has returned when I searched for “4 day work week”… If only the UK had followed the Netherlands, Denmark and some other countries that allow more flexible work schedules!

Today was a good day of rest and recuperation, it was just nice to be at home, to see my chickens in the daylight (usually they are snoozing away back on their perches by the time we get home from work), to watch some delights of British daytime TV (hmm, Dickinson’s Real Deal, The Tipping Point, The Chase to name a few). I have caught my blue furry friends napping earlier and could not resist taking a picture…

Russian Blue

Anton and Alsou are snoozing

I have found some great new snacks in Tesco the other day, and they are made of peas and rice! Such an interesting combination. I love both the soy sauce and balsamic vinegar (a perfect combo!) so I decided to try them out. These snacks turned out to be shaped as pea pods and are very crunchy! I will definitely be buying them again – I hope there will be other flavours to choose from too!

For our supper we had some crunchy salad with Tesco Finest Chicken Kiev – delicious chicken breast meat covered in crispy breadcrumbs with melted garlic and parsley butter oosing out when you cut into the succulent meat.

Tesco Finest chicken Kiev

Tesco Finest chicken Kiev

So this is how I spent my Friday – resting and eating. If only all Fridays were like this one…

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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