About Me


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Hi, I am Natalya. Welcome to my blog! Born in Ukraine, I live in the east of London with the love of my life, three kitties and three chickens.

I have started this blog as a hobby, partly as the means of updating my friends and family on the happenings in my small world, also as an outlet for my thoughts and opinions (of which I have a few). And I enjoy talking to people, making friends from all over the world.

As you explore this virtual abode of mine, I hope you will pick up on my love of life: despite the occasional difficulties and challenges, I try to maintain an optimistic outlook on life. I am interested in many things: I enjoy dining out, travelling, shopping, a bit of creativity (occasional watercolour painting or crafts), home life (gardening, cooking, looking after my furry and feathery friends). I am just an ordinary girl, a farmer’s daughter who studied agricultural economics in Eastern Europe and somehow ended up living and working in London. If I get to inspire anyone by my blogposts, to touch someone with even the smallest amount of positivity, I will be very happy!

As I am currently in process of tweaking my new virtual home, please bear with me while I am making the changes. Thank you and enjoy reading my musings!



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