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Amazing lunch food in London

Once again, London never seems to fail me with its surprises… I LOVE how cosmopolitan, vibrant, and simply amazing the capital city is. After what seemed like a long morning I went for a little walk thinking of just grabbing a sandwich from M&S for lunch (aha, bo-ring, that is exactly what I thought!), but I was stopped in my tracks when I saw huge crowds of people in Finsbury Square.

What’s going on?  That was my first thought when I turned around the corner and saw the crowds and heard the “buzzing” of people happily chatting away. Then I have noticed a few people walking towards me with carton packs of food and napkins in their hands, and then finally I saw the little multicoloured tents. This must be a street food market! – well done, Sherlock, it took you a while to work this one out!

I immediately got all excited as I am so very-very partial to food, especially when it comes to exotic, freshly prepared food that is different to the “usual” stuff. I don’t mind spending a good part of a tenner once in awhile, if it means I can try something nice and new and different.

Street food market at Finsbury Square

Street food market at Finsbury Square

It was well after 1 o’clock in the afternoon when I finally decided to go for a walk (I work too hard, I know), so I can only imagine what the crowds must have been like at the peak lunch hours!


Hungry city workers waiting to be served

I looked at the choices of cuisines and was simply stunned at the variety of world foods gathered together in this small space in a middle of the City: Venezuelan, Vietnamese, Greek, Mauritian, Indian… Wow. I joined the shortest queue, otherwise I’d spend ages deciding which one I should get.


The shortest queue (not sure why) happened to be for the Mauritius food – the House of Dodo. Their huge pans with chicken curry and salad selection looked amazing so I ended up ordering their food – I was very curious to see what Mauritian food tastes like. How does this look to you?

Delicious chicken curry

Delicious Mauritian chicken curry

I can attest to it: it tastes as good as it looks! Full of different flavours and textures, it was a filling lunch that I have enjoyed back in the office (it was spitting with rain so I couldn’t eat it outside).

So if you happen to work in the City of London and you are not far from Finsbury Square at lunchtime every second week of the month (they are there until the 11th of March), head for Bloomberg offices and treat yourself to some amazing street food! What a feast for your eyes and bellies!

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