An afternoon in London

I think London is beautiful at any time of year. Even in the winter, when it’s grey, windy and cold, and more often than not wet, to me London’s parks, buildings, streets have some charm that makes me smile and feel happy that I live here. This afternoon despite the biting cold I ventured out to spend a few hours outdoors, getting some fresh air (well, that is probably unlikely in London, but I would like to think that I did!) and, hopefully, get myself back into shape for commuting and being away from home after almost two weeks of “hibernation”.

I thought I’d wander around the beautiful Victoria Embankment gardens and Covent Garden for a couple of hours, go to hairdressers (my hair was long overdue a trim!), do some shopping in Covent Garden, and then meet up with Simon when he finishes work so we can eat out and travel home together. Not a bad plan, huh?

I took a few shots of the beautiful blue sky above, while it lasted…

Victoria Embankment Gardens

Camelia bush waiting to bloom in Victoria Embankment Gardens

The Shell building

Blue sky over the Shell building

I slowly strolled from the Embankment station side of the Victoria Embankment Gardens towards the Savoy taking a few shots of the buildings overlooking the Thames, and could not resist crossing the road to take a few pictures of the river and the skyline. I loved how the rays of sun were penetrating the clouds lighting up the river.


A view towards Westminster


A view towards the Waterloo bridge


Slow eastbound traffic along the Victoria Embankment

It was nice to watch the people go past, not rushing anywhere for a change – it is actually nice to be a tourist in your own city from time to time, you get to see the places with totally different eyes, or notice and appreciate things you normally don’t notice!


The Savoy Fairmont hotel – not the side that is seen from the Strand. View from Carting Lane

I walked up Carting lane stairs that lead up to the busy and hectic Strand, it is such a contrast to the quiet side streets.


A gloriously beautiful sky over the Strand! Please forgive the dark picture otherwise, I was too mesmerised by the clouds moving through the viewfinder…

I felt quite cold by the time I got to the Strand and needed to pop in somewhere warm for a “thaw out” – luckily, my hairdresser appointment time was getting closer, so I went in 20 minutes early and got my pampering session sooner.

A short stroll up Southampton Street and I was in Covent Garden, and once again I could not resist taking a picture of the blue sky with white fluffy clouds above me! I sure hope now that it is the end of February, we will be seeing more and more of this!

Blue sky over Covent Garden

Blue sky over Covent Garden

It was so nice to sit down in the Piazza for a few minutes watching the street performance and listening to not so distant sounds of the live classical music… I have done a bit of shopping, it always good to spend some hard-earned money in a place like Covent Garden. I will write more about it soon.

Hopefully pictures of the blue sky have cheered you up as much as they did me 🙂 But, better still, come out and look at the blue skies whenever you can!


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