An evening out with a difference

Here I am sitting down on a late night train homebound after another long but interesting day. This evening after a good day at work I had the pleasure of taking a leisurely walk down the embankment along the mighty river Thames, looking at the ripples in dark water,  lit up only by the bright colours of London’s buildings. It is a beautiful sight and I would never get tired of watching the mesmerising movement of the tide.

I took a quick snap with my phone – the view towards the South Bank over the beautiful Thames

After the pleasant walk and a quick bite of smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich from Costa, I spent around three hours laughing with some tears in my eyes as I was lucky to be in the audience during the recording of “The Jonathan Ross Show” at ITV London Studios in the South Bank. It was hilarious, I love Kevin Bridges (the stand-up comedian from Glasgow), he is such a funny guy, Catherine Tate was very funny too. I did not know the other two guests before the show, but they were fantastic too: John Krasinski (the star from The American Office – shame on me, I did not even watch the original British series!) and Will Poulter (stars alongside Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in Revenant). The music was awesome too: live upbeat performance by the Hackney-born band called Rudimental. I have never heard of them either but have enjoyed their music immensely!

I could not take any pictures inside the studios as we were asked to switch our phones off. It is a shame but I did not want to break the rules – although I can be a bit of a rebel sometimes!

We occasionally go to various program recordings as it is a different experience to watching the shows on the television – all the best bits usually get cut out! It is so great to be a part of the audience, it does not cost anything and the only downside is the queueing to get inside the studio. You may end up standing up for a couple of hours and then not get in, as the studio has filled up with just a couple of people left in front of you! It happened to us a couple of times in the past so the organisers usually get the priority tickets for other shows as a way to compensate for the inconvenience and disappointment of not making it inside.

If you want to be a part of the audience, here is the page on ITV website that tells you how you can apply for tickets.

This evening my hands were sore from all the clapping and both mine and Simon’s bums did get numb toward the end but a pleasant walk back to the Temple tube station soon fixed that.

It sure is a late night for me tonight, not helped by the extra early morning yesterday I feel nicely tired – I sure am looking forward to the weekend’s lay in! Some good old coffee will again be a must have for me tomorrow!

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