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After a busy and stressful working week I sure was looking forward to the weekend, rainy or otherwise (the first one is much more likely in Britain, otherwise it wouldn’t be the weekend!). But we have been lucky to get some rain-free “slots” in early afternoon so we headed to the great outdoors, away from the trappings of the home comforts and all the modern technology. And what could be better to unwind, clear the mind and enjoy life than being surrounded by the beautiful English nature… So here is how you could spend your weekend in Essex countryside.

After lunch the skies were intermittently grey and blue, so we have armed ourselves with our cameras and ventured out. Simon took his Canon 760D and I usually use my iPhone, so we did not exactly have a gadget-free walk, but I was only going to use my phone to take photographs, so it did not really count.

There is nothing like being surrounded by vast expanses of bluebells, inhaling the sweet smelling air full of oxygen, eyes seeing the beautiful fresh spring greenery on the trees that are slowly waking up from their winter slumber.. And the sound of birds singing their songs…

Woods full of beautiful English bluebells

Woods full of beautiful English bluebells

The worlds around me is waking up, at last (about time, it’s nearly the end of April!). As I walk through the woods, I realised that I am not thinking about anything but being there, enjoying the outdoors, marvelling at the sensation of freedom just a little walk in the local woods can give!

Bluebells are so pretty!

Bluebells are so delicate and pretty!

Wherever you look the soft green and many shades of blue colour surround you. And all you can hear is the sound of wind playing with the tree branches.

More of colour blue up above!

More of colour blue up above!

Even the man-made structure looks amazingly beautiful with the gorgeous blue sky above it.

A high voltage line pylon

A high voltage line pylon



I would not mind living on the edge like that – overlooking the woods, part of London’s green belt

Aren’t these blackthorn blooms beautiful? Shame it is a little on the chilly side and no bees were flying around.


Pretty blooms of blackthorn

These pussy willows have reminded me that today is a Willow Sunday or Palm Sunday in most of Easter European countries – the Orthodox Easter is celebrated there next weekend. When I was a kid we were making wreaths with pussy willow branches around this time of year, it was fun!


Having walked a couple of miles around the woods in Essex countryside we have gained considerable appetite for some food and what could be better than a good simple Sunday roast with lots of gravy and seasonal vegetables? We popped in to a local pub/restaurant for some tea and hearty late lunch.

A good old Sunday roast beef lunch after a nice walk in the woods

A good old Sunday roast beef lunch after a nice walk in the woods

That’s what the weekends are for: rebooting, recuperation, enjoying life outside the office. Now I am ready to face another week of commuting and working – fun days ahead! Until another weekend…

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