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And I wish it could be Christmas every day

I have noticed that in the recent years the choice of home fragrances on the UK market has grown like crazy – this certainly goes to show that I am not the only person who likes to buy the “smelly” goodies, a perfect example of basic economics at work here – high demand from the consumers drives the levels of supply. And some people are prepared to pay very high prices for these! It seems to have become a bit of a craze, I think, but it is a good thing: there is so much choice of high quality products to choose from!

Well, religious beliefs aside, who doesn’t love Christmas for being a happy time with lots of tasty food, friends and family gatherings (and nice long holidays in my case)? I find that Christmas spice scented products help me transport into the “happy time”. I had a particular favourite this winter I picked up from the local boutique and it that ticks all the boxes for me: it smells amazing, it is made of all natural ingredients (soy wax and real cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla) and does not produce much soot – the Winter Spice candle made by the Scandinavian company called Broste Copenhagen.

Broste Copenhagen Winter Spice candle

Winter spice candle by Broste Copenhagen

I have also been loving the Christmas spice oil from Sainsbury’s, it creates a beautiful, warm atmosphere in my home on a cold winter night. And who doesn’t like the smell of Christmas spices in the air! I have been using it on my Yankee Candle Oil Burner where it slowly evaporates from the surface of the water, gently warmed by the tealight inside the glass cup underneath.

Oil burner from Yankee Candle and Broste Copenhagen Winter Spice candle

A cute oil burner from Yankee Candle – I love watching the candlelight dancing inside the cup casting shadows around it

Beside the spicy scents I also love the gorgeous reed diffuser and the room spray in “Vintage Rose and Magnolia” scent from Next – it is so fresh and floral, perfect for the bedroom space as it is not “over the top” heavy. Sadly, Next is no longer selling this – I would definitely repurchase it as it is really nice.

Next home fragrances

Vintage rose and magnolia scented reed diffuser and room spray from Next

I have another reed diffuser in my living room – a Neom Luxury Organics – Inspiration with Violet, Chamomile and Cedarwood. It has a gorgeous scent that lasts a very long time. I mean, it lasted so long that this product is no longer being sold by Neom and I still have half a jar waiting to be diffused!


Neom Luxury Organics reed diffuser

I will soon be looking at getting more candles and diffusers as I would like to explore other “flavours”. I have been coveting the Diptyque candle in Freesia – is it any good? I do think the real pure essential oils can influence our moods and wellbeing so why not invest in high quality product that will last a very long time?

What are your favourite home fragrance products?

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