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Being friends with Morpheus

Today was the day that did not exist for me… Having made it to work this morning (a nice brisk 20 minute walk, courtesy of delays on the transport), I have spent only 20 minutes or so in the office before I had to return back home. Today was the day when migraine decided to come back to haunt me for the first time in quite a few years (at least 5, I think). I get the classic symptoms of migraine: the silvery halo that obstructs my vision at first (with what seems like freaky multicolour zigzags when I close my eyes). And then, after the vision improves as the halo shrinks in size, I get the most horrendous headache coupled with nausea. The key for me is to take painkillers as soon as I notice the vision going bad, otherwise it will be too late and the pain will be unbearable.

I cannot really remember how I got home, but as soon as I walked through the door I went to bed and spent pretty much the whole day sleeping. Darkness and sleep are the best cure for migraine. My cats seemed bewildered to see me back at home so early, but Alsou and Anton have soon settled down next to me purring and helping me fall asleep as I was struggling to relax.

I woke up with a jolt sometime after 3pm feeling completely disoriented – where am I? – slightly lightheaded, but my headache was pretty much gone. I got up and let my chickens out so they could enjoy a bit of free ranging in the sunshine. It was such a beautiful day outside today but I could not look at the brightness as I could feel my headache coming back. I took a picture of my beautiful African violet (Saintpaulia) as it caught my eye and made me smile. I have grown it from the leaf I have found in a supermarket trolley, I have given away quite a few plants that grew from that leaf.



A beautiful pink cloud of blooms that cheered me up today

Having left my girls enjoying the good scratch in the garden, I went back upstairs and fell asleep again. I woke up when Simon came back from work – that was well after 6pm! I do not remember sleeping so much during the day and I still feel tired… I am not sure if I am stressed out by the whole situation with my dad’s health, or if there is anything else happening with my body. I just hope I am back to normal tomorrow morning as I have so much work to do!

I am sipping my chamomile tea and feeling that I must go back to bed soon and be friends with Morpheus again… I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me.



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