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By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm: I have finally given in

Phew, another busy and fairly productive week is over and here I am enjoying the weekend, some sunshine (well, hopefully) and some lazy morning lay ins that I did not get last weekend. It feels more like spring here in London, March is well and truly here! Actually, I cannot believe we are approaching the middle of March already!

But, anyway, I wanted to share my experience of the product I have been tempted to buy for a very long time but could not quite reach the point of “hell, let’s go for it!”.

By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm is one of those luxury products that costs a ridiculously large amount of money that makes you cringe (£39 for a 10ml pot!), but you are drawn to it, and you have this internal polemic on whether “to buy or not to buy, that is the question” until you finally crack under pressure and succumb to the temptation and buy it! Well, I did just that the other day. The ever-lasting ravings of many beauty bloggers about how good this product is did their work and I was far too curious to lay my hands of it and see for myself whether this By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm lives up to its reputation of a cult product.

My skin and lips are currently on the dry side – this always seems to be the case at this time of year in particular, so extra TLC and the luxurious rose scented lip balm would only help, right?

I have never used any other skincare or makeup products from Terry though this is not my first experience with the brand. I adore Terry de Gunzburg’s Lumiere D’Epices eau de perfume – it is a stunning product that I have been enjoying for a couple of years now: check my Instagram post from when I first got this sunshine and happiness in a bottle. Somehow I knew that the lip balm would not disappoint me too.

This little box is so cute, and I immediately loved its simplicity – the beautiful pinks of rose petals adorning the surface make a nice impression on me, even before I laid my eyes on the container within.

By Terry Baume de Rose

Rose is one of my favourite flowers, and I love the design of this box that fits snuggly in my hand

I think the box looks rather pretty, so I took a few pictures before I even opened it. Maybe because it is so bright outside, this pattern made me think of summer time and my beautiful Duchess of Cornwall rose bush blooms…

By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm

The container is made of solid frosted glass, it is quite heavy and looks great in combination with the gold toned screw cap. You can just about see through the glass that the balm is pink in colour. I think the container with the screw cap is not the most “handbag friendly” way of packaging this kind of product, it makes it difficult to be used on the go, so I think I stick to using it at home and it will live on my bedside table.

As you open the cap and remove the extra protective lid, you will be able to smell the delicious aroma of rose. Some people feel it too strong but I absolutely love it, I can never have too much rose! As the balm melts on contact with the warm skin of your fingers, the aroma intensifies even further, and this glamorous balm almost “hugs” the lips immediately after application, and provides a comforting sensation. Another thing I found to be great about by Terry Baume De Rose lip balm is that it does not smear away or soak into my pillows overnight, it stays where it’s meant to be!

by Terry Baume de Rose lip balm

This lip balm has a thick, rich consistency, the oils melt upon contact with skin which allows smooth application

So far I have mostly been using the balm overnight applying it just before I go to bed. I really love the way my lips feel the following day, they are soft and plump, and the rose scent is so comforting to fall asleep with! The other positive thing is that this balm is a truly versatile product: it can be used on nails and cuticles, or any other dry body parts. After applying it on my lips I rub the leftover product on my finger onto the cuticles. The by Terry balm contains shea butter, ceramides and vitamin E, so it encourages cellular regeneration and dispels dryness – nice.

I know I have only been using it for around one week but yes, I think by Terry Baume de Rose is well worth the hype and I now see it as a cult product myself. I will most definitely repurchase it when I use it up, and I may even look at other products from the Baume de Rose line. Well done, Terry, for creating it 10 years ago, it is a real winner!

Despite the price tag that some people may find ridiculous, I think it is worth the splurge: it does give me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside every time I use it, it is a beautiful sensual treat as well as an effective product that delvers what it says on the tin. If you have been, like me, considering getting it for a long time, and hesitated, I would encourage you to take the plunge. Treat yourself! You deserve it!

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this or any other lip balms you have been enjoying!

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