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    Russian blue duet or the trip to the vets

    If you have a pet, you will know what it is like having to drag your poor little defenceless furry (or maybe not furry) friend to this strange place that smells funny, has weird and unusual noises and people in scrubs who poke their little faces and bellies, look at their teeth, stick sharp needles into them, or even worse (ouch!) – measure their temperature! Our cats really do not like going to the vets, even though it is only once a year that we (and our cats) have to go through this ordeal when visiting vets surgery for a check up and vaccination they know that when the pet carrier is brought from the garage and sprayed with Feliway it is time to run and hide. Even doing it days in advance does not help – our cats avoid going anywhere near the carriers, never mind getting into them! Read more


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