Chocolate Paradise

Do you ever get the feeling when you are just too tired to do anything, I mean, anything, including things you normally love doing? Well, this is the feeling I was suffering from for the last week or so. When I come home from work I just about have enough energy to talk to my family on Skype. No energy for blogging which I normally enjoy doing. My dad’s condition is still unstable, he had a major “scare” with his blood pressure shooting up over the roof last week but thankfully he is feeling better now. My mum had an antibiotic injections treatment for suspected pneumonia after the flu she had and it is still unclear if that is cleared. I cannot help but feel anxious about all the health troubles my parents are going through, and I am so far away…

One thing that really has been cheering me up over the last week was chocolate. I am not usually into chocolate that much, I am more of a “savoury” person – crisps, meaty snacks, nuts or tortillas are my kind of thing. But for some unknown reason just lately I have been craving chocolate, and I am not very good at being stoic when it comes to food, well, I can be when I am in the mood, but I am not in that kind of mood just lately so I gave in. Especially as I knew that I have been saving a box of delicious See’s candies for far too long. It was a special pressie from a special friend all the way from California, she was so kind to bring it to us, along with tons of other amazing stuff including her homemade jams, Californian olive oil, wine. It seems like it was so long ago…

I was always told that American chocolate is really bad but after trying Ghirardelli’s chocolates and now See’s candies I am a firm believer that America’s chocolate is nice 🙂

A whole box of shiny tasty chocolate goodness

A whole box of shiny tasty chocolate goodness

I wish See’s candies were sold here in the UK – so far I have found some on but I am doubtful about their “authenticity” or Sell by date. Much better to travel back to sunny California and buy them fresh. I can dream…

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