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Clinique skincare mini haul

Phew, Wednesday is over now. It has been a busy day today and it’s so nice to be back home sitting with my feet up, with Nikki softly purring curled up on the soft blanket next to me. I’m enjoying some peace and tranquility at last.

We had a “ready meal” supper today – it was the fasting day today for me and Simon and, frankly, I was way too tired to do any proper cooking today. I must say, I have really enjoyed my Chicken Chow Mein from Tesco’s Healthy Living range. I have recently joined The Orchard at Tesco program where I get to try the experience, service or product for free or at a discount – I love sharing my opinions! I love Chinese food from my local takeaway, but this ready made Chicken Chow Mein tasted very nice and filled me up. Not bad for a 263Kcal meal! As I was well under my 500Kcal “allowance” I have added a boiled egg to it and then treated myself to a pot of yoghurt. That will do for a pudding ūüôā

I am really looking forward to a girlie meet up tomorrow evening, me and my friends are planning to go to a Lebanese restaurant in the City and have a good old catch up over a nice meal. I sure won’t be counting calories tomorrow.

I better come back to the topic of this blog post – wohoo-a small, tiny mini haul of Clinique skincare products I was itching to try out! I was inspired to try Clinique out after reading Jess’s¬†blog (she loves Clinique products).¬†As you know from my Winter skincare saviours post, I love using the Antipodes skincare products. I have been intrigued to learn that Clinique has the range of skincare called “Redness Solutions” that is developed specifically for skin that is prone to redness. I do have very sensitive, easily riled skin with rosacea, so I figured that I must try some of these products and see how my skin behaves as a result. I have used a few different Clinique products in the past and, whilst I have found them to be very good,¬†they never really featured in my Must buy again list. And I do like exploring different brands and products so it is no brainer for me, really.

I popped in to the Clinique counter at my local Boots store and had a chat with the lovely lady who was persuading me to part with my hard earned cash and but the trio, but when I hesitated, she was kind enough to offer¬†me a small sample of the Clinique Redness Solutions daily relief cream which, as it turns out, you can buy from Allbeauty for ¬£33, quite a bit cheaper than Boots Chemist’s price of ¬£40! It’s a good job I did not buy the full jar¬†there, but got a sample instead! I need to try it out a few times before I commit to a whole jar!

I bought the Clinique Redness Solutions soothing cleanser and daily protective base with SPF15

I bought the Clinique Redness Solutions soothing cleanser and daily protective base with SPF15

I went for the full size cleanser and the daily protective base because I know I will use them, whereas the moisturiser is quite pricey and I was not even sure if it would be suitable for my skin, so we shall see. I will be sure to share my thoughts on these after a month or so Рand, if the Daily relief cream proves itself to me in the next few days (I will try to stretch my sample out for as long as I can), I may even go crazy and get a jar.

Do let me know if you like Clinique? I would love to hear from you if you have used any of Clinique’s Redness Solutions products!


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