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Oh my, what a crazy fortnight it has been for me, it feels like I slept through the Bank Holiday weekend as I feel so worn out all the time…  It must be hanging out at home with my cats – their sleepiness is contagious! And the working week only has one day left to go! And where did May come from? Although there has not been much going on in my life lately, I have managed to get a few exciting things that I have been loving so far and I cannot wait to share my thoughts on them! The True Brit London nail varnish is in town!

You may remember that not so long ago I was tempted to try the duo of acetone-free nail varnish removers from True Brit with unusual but oh-so-British scents: I wrote about them in my Varnishing act duo post. I have to say, I am really enjoying those, and I have been looking forward to trying a couple of nail varnishes from the same brand. Just a couple of weeks ago Brits (well, at least those who love the British Monarchy) have celebrated the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – long live our gracious Queen! And to mark the occasion, True Brit was giving a full size nail varnish in shade they call HRH – Her Royal Highness – with any order placed on Queen’s birthday. Well, I could not miss this opportunity to try a gorgeous plum shade and get a 3 for 2 deal! That’s whole £12.50 saved 🙂 You can imagine how excited I was for the order to arrive!

A nice touch - a big envelope with the invoice inside it

A nice touch – a big envelope with the invoice inside it

Inside the parcel there they were, the three beautiful cute boxes – very impressive so far! I love the packaging!


Sparkly gold cardboard boxes are really smart-looking

I am impressed with the detail too – True Brit clearly care about the quality of their products, and it starts from the packaging!


Proudly made in Britain

The “proudly made in Britain” part made me think of the classic part of the IT Crowd’s Calamity Jen episode with the fire extinguisher and the stress detector machine 🙂 I am sure the varnish will work just fine, though.


Every detail matters – the brand really screams BRITISH

Even the inside of the box has a pattern!

True Brit London nail varnish

The gorgeous shade of HRH – I was knocked off my feet! It’s gorgeous!

These are the shades I got (from left to right): a gift called HRH, Caviar Base Coat and Jubilee.


The bottles are made of thick glass, and they have a nice weight to them. I love that they are kinda chunky – so different from the small Dior Vernis bottles, even though they contain the same volume!

True Brit London nail varnish

Gorgeous glass bottles

Well, I am impressed by the look of this line up and am looking forward to using them this summer!


I have used the Caviar base coat the other day, it is a gorgeous base: it does not stink during the application and even after and is, apparently, enriched with caviar extract so is good for your nails. It can be used on its own or under the varnish as it helps to grip nail varnish to the nail surface making your manicure last longer.

Caviar Base Coat used on its own give nails a healthy shine

Caviar Base Coat used on its own give nails a healthy shine

I have not yet used the other two shades, but am looking forward to trying the HRH. Must admit, it is not my “usual” shade but I have a couple of matching colour tops to wear with it. So I will give it a go some time very soon!

Thank you, True Brit, for making these gorgeous nail polishes!

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