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Help, we seem to have developed an addiction!

It was another quiet Saturday at home for us today, nice long lay in to catch up on the lost sleep, some house work done so the house is tidied up ready for the week ahead, my girlies had a good day of scratching around the garden and enjoying some sunshine. I did a bit of reading too – oh, where did the day go? It’s nearly time to go and wrestle up something nice for supper.

After the completion of our exciting little project of UGears Tram model a couple of weeks ago both me and Simon were itching to get a different model set. You may have read my blog post where I have described our journey that started from us opening a sleek white box with the wood panels and an instruction booklet to having a cute little tram that moves up and down the rails. It was really a great experience from start to finish, I would not hesitate to recommend anyone trying the UGears models out – it is a much better way to spend the time than playing Xbox games or watching the telly: it is fun, it is clever, it makes you think, and sure gives you a sense of pride and achievement when you see your model completed and working as it should! Quality time!

So here we are, with a new adventure waiting to happen!

Simon could not resist or wait any longer – he ordered a Combine Harvester model from UGears Online and it arrived this morning!

UGears models

UGears models combine harvester

UGears models

UGears models combine harvester

This set cost us £25 which I think is not too bad, considering the superb quality of the set and the amount of fun we will have assembling it – it is totally worth it! We have already found a “home” for our little tram: Simon has placed it on top of the book shelf in the dining room. A giant doll matryoshka set from Russia (our friends’ from Moscow gave it to us a few years ago) and a matryoshka set of Cossack’s hospitable family (a proper Ukrainian family inside) are keeping company to the tram made in Ukraine assembled in the UK 🙂

UGears models

UGears Models tram on the rails


I will share pictures of the assembly process and the combine harvester once it is completed: we cannot wait to start assembling it tomorrow!

UGears team, thank you so much for coming up with the idea, you rocked my world! Keep coming up with different models! Me and Simon are genuinely impressed by your products. We are addicted (no glue involved here!) and need more 🙂

Part 2 of our Combine Harvester assembly adventure can be found by clicking on the link here. Enjoy!


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