Kikki.K – a new shop in town

If you, like me, are a big lover of all things Scandinavian (I mean things like IKEA, Dansk contemporary designs, not the meatballs or gravadlax, although I do love those too!), you simply MUST go to one of the Kikki.K UK flagship stores in Covent Garden (yep, there are currently two stores there in the same area) and that is exactly where I went shopping the other day. If you ever happen to be in Covent Garden and you have a love for stationery, you will find Kikki.K just about opposite the Apple store in James Street, otherwise there is always an online Kikki.K store you can browse through.

Kikki.K has recently taken the world by storm and it is hardly a surprise: their stationery and gifts are simply stunning, they are contemporary, unique and very clever. You can tell that they are designed by someone from Sweden, there is just something about the way things look and feel… well, they are very nice and stylish. I’d go as far as to say that from the aesthetics point of view Kikki.K in the stationery world is like Apple in the smartphone/personal computer world.


Kikki.K store interior

It was fairly busy in the store, as it was re-opened earlier that day the friendly staff were offering prosecco to visitors as a way of celebrating the re-opening! I had to say no to prosecco as I’m on the medication, and also I’d get drunk instantly if I had as much as a sniff of alcohol – that’s just me.


I wish my desk is as organised as this one… Well, it’s meant to inspire

I sure felt like a small kid in a candy store, is it sad that I am this easily excited by a bunch of stationery?


A nice selection of greeting cards and cute little gift bags

Look at those small wooden pegs holding the dotted paper on the metal mesh! OMG!


All things wedding related – I love the simple polka dot design!

I later found these cute pegs and could not resist taking a picture of the packet.



This could be my next area for exploration: cookery, recipes organisers and meal planners

This gifts display contained some awesome drawings and books for colouring. And I loved the mint green colour of the books too.


Gorgeous gifts ideas

I was tempted to buy some stress-relief colouring books, they are so popular lately – well, there’s always another time. And look at this cuteness, the gift wrapping paper. I love the little pineapple motifs, well, and the watermelon slices, and the ship and anchor, and the ice cream cones… Drool.


Super cute gift wrapping paper

Well, after wandering around the store for ages, of course I have picked up a few items: I simply could not leave empty-handed. I got myself a cute journal for writing down my thoughts, it is a fantastic idea to pause and reflect at the end of the day, think of the positives of the day. In fact, the theme of mindfulness has a strong presence in all Kikki.K products, it seems, maybe that is why it resonates so strongly with me…


My Daily thoughts journal

I have started writing in my daily thoughts journal last night, I now keep it at my bedside so I can reflect on the day before I fall asleep.


An occasional inspirational quote inside the journal

I would really like to hear from you if you like or dislike Kikki.K, or stationery in general, or am I the only person who likes this kind of thing? Mind you, if Kikki.K is having so much success maybe I am not the only one?



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