Local gastro pub – The Jobber’s Rest

Local gastro pub – The Jobbers Rest

I have been meaning to write about this visit for ages and ages and, finally, I have uploaded the pictures from both mine and Simon’s phone and here it is: my account of the visit to the local gastro pub called The Jobber’s Rest. The restaurant has opened back in February this year after some hype and controversy: the “old” Jobber’s regulars were not terribly happy about their local being turned into a “posh” eatery after the venue has been sold to The White Brasserie Company owned by the renowned French chef Raymond Blanc

I heard the landlady of the old “Jobber’s” did a great job of running the pub for many years, I have been there a couple of times for a hearty meal after a walk in the countryside. The service was not great back then, waitresses were friendly enough but seemed to be more interested in chatting to each other about makeup, suntan and stuff, and the food was quite good for the price. Well, the times have changed and Upminster now has the gastro pub, with its own Sipsmith Gin shed in the back garden! I think many people have embraced this change and, judging from some comments from the social media, have been enjoying it.

Simon’s Birthday was the perfect excuse to celebrate and have a meal and a drink somewhere special and, as we have not been to the revamped Jobber’s Rest yet, it became the natural choice. For me, Bouillabaisse on the menu was the incentive I needed, and Simon is partial to a good steak.

I loved the shiny and new interior of the place: shabby chic with some cute decorations all around:

A table at Jobber's Rest

A quiet corner table waiting for the visitors

I loved the little bird detail of the lamp shade, and Simon being Simon commented that the poor bird was skewered!

Jobber's Rest interior

Jobber’s Rest interior

I even took a cheeky snap of the interior in the ladies bathroom! It is nice and cosy in there, clean and tastefully decorated too.

Nice and clean: ladies bathroom interior

Waiter’s operations desk – love the bicycle detail of that wallpaper! 🙂

You are probably wondering: “Why is she going on about the interior? It’s the food we want to know about!” Well, I think the interior does matter and makes a huge difference to the whole experience of the visit, do you agree? I always pay attention to the details and the atmosphere around me.

As for the food, well, do have a look and judge for yourself: I do not think anyone will argue and say it does not look great! It tasted great too!

We started off with the gorgeous Charcuterie for two: saucisson sec, saucisson au génépi, andouille, terrine de Campagne, jambon de Bayonne, blue cheese rarebit (not very French, hehe), soused vegetables, green salad. It was delicious and got us into the mood for the main course.

Charcuterie platter

Our Charcuterie for two

And here is my beautifully presented huge bowl of Bouillabaisse, my favourite French fish soup. I was wowed by the presentation. According to the Jobber’s Rest’s menu, their version of Bouillabaisse contains hake, red mullet, seabream, squid and mussels, some braised fennel, saffron potatoes, garlic croûton. Not as much tomato in it as I normally like, but it was yummy. It was perfectly accompanied by the wine I chose for myself: a deliciously fresh and fruity Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Marlborough Vidal Estate vineyards.

Delicious Bouillabaisse

Delicious Bouillabaisse

Simon opted for a simple steak option: a good old Sirloin steak with chips is all he wanted on his Birthday. It looked really good and had an awesome flavour. I was surprised when Simon declined the waiter’s offer of ketchup or other sauce so it must have been a good steak!

Sirloin steak with chips

Sirloin steak with chips

I must tell you about the Sipsmith Gin Shed! It was being prepared for the grand opening so, G&T lovers, this is an awesome spot for some bitter deliciousness and fun outdoors in the garden of The Jobber’s Rest!

Local gastro pub - The Jobbers Rest

Sipsmith Gin shed!

I can just imagine this area buzzing with people sipping their G&T and enjoying a good time. Ah, summer time…

Local gastro pub - The Jobbers Rest

A perfect place for some gin and tonic and a good chat

Well, maybe we will be back for a glass of G&T or two, you never know. We will go back for more of that delicious food, of that I am sure! The Jobber’s Rest is a great place for a “treat”, it is a bit expensive, but offers a good quality experience which makes it worthwhile.

It has been a great evening both for me and my Birthday boy – we left happy and replete, with full bellies, and quite impressed by the friendliness of The Jobber’s Rest team who were quite welcoming and attentive. So if you are in our neck of the woods, in the far east of London, why not pop in to The Jobber’s Rest for a treat?

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