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Meet Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer

The last day of the long weekend here in Britain is well under way. The weather has been really spoiling us all with the most gorgeous sunshine (with an odd thunderstorm overnight) and I, like many people, made the most of it by spending as much time outside as possible. But not without amending my usual skincare routine and adding one more action: sun protection. This little blog post is all about my new friend, Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer.

I am well aware of the dangers of those seemingly harmless and beautiful rays of sunshine and the issue of skin damage as a result of skin exposure to them. Over the years I have been neglecting this step, partly due to laziness and the fact that I could not find the UV protection product that would suit my sensitive skin. I have tried numerous sunblocks, from high end to high street brands, and most of them ended up unused and unloved. I do not know how you feel about it, but I really do not like the greasy film feeling on my skin or the smell of a sunblock. And, to add to the trouble, most of the sunblocks I tried before were causing breakouts or whiteheads too.

Well, I am glad to say that, finally, I have found my holy grail of the facial sun protection that is in the league of its own: meet Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer SPF 50 / PA++

Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer

My holy grail of sun protection: Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer

The formula of this primer is beautiful: it is quite runny and a drop or two from the pipette dispenser is plenty. Once applied to my freshly cleaned and moisturised skin, the liquid spreads very well, it gets absorbed and pretty much disappears: no sticky feeling or residue left on the surface, leaving my skin silky smooth and smelling oh-so-good! No more of that distinct sunblock smell on my skin!

Giorgio Armani Maestro UV

The cute glass bottle of precious liquid

A drop of primer on my hand shows its colour and consistency: it reminds me of pouring yoghurt or kefir. No hint of grease or oil in it!

A drop of Maestro UV primer

A drop of Maestro UV primer

So here it is: my favourite facial sun screen which I have been using for a couple of months now and am really enjoying it. My skin likes it too: it stays moisturised, spot and whitehead free, calm and happy. What more could I ask?

Judging by the amount I have used so far, it looks like I will continue using it over the summer and beyond! If you are in the UK, you can get Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer from a number of outlets, including House of Fraser online which is where I bought mine from. If you are in the US, do check it out on the wonderful Sephora website! It costs £40 ($64) – a hefty price tag, I admit, but it really is a great product, I really enjoy using it and it promises the much needed skin protection so my skin stays healthy, dark spot free. Oh, and I do not put any makeup after using this primer – I am just not into makeup – and my skin looks flawless.

Vessel containing Giorgio Armani Maestro UV

I hope this quick review is useful and, if you are struggling with finding the right product, give Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer a go: it is a real gem!

I better go and enjoy what is left of the Bank Holiday weekend and absorb more of the beautiful sunshine out there – feeling protected by my lovely Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer 🙂

What is your favourite sunblock? Have you tried Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer? I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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