My handbag SOS items

Like any other girl’s handbag mine weighs an absolute ton – and no, I do not carry bricks in it, even though it feels like I do – most things in there are for “just in case I need them” reason. Well, I don’t know about you, but I could not be without things like a mirror/compact powder, a lip balm, an umbrella, a hair brush, a notebook, a pen, a pack of wet wipes, a pack of tissues, a wallet (well, it would be silly not to have that on you, although these days if you have one of the latest iPhones you can use Apple Pay or just get someone else to pay for you 😉 ), a perfume bottle, a hand cream, some pain killers, plasters, keys (home and work sets), a business card holder, headphones, my Oyster card – these are the absolute essentials!

Handbag SOS items

As well as a simple cotton bag inside my handbag for any occasional shopping on the go I absolutely have to carry an umbrella, a bottle of Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede cologne, a pen and a notebook

As much as I love using my good old trusty iPhone (I still have an iPhone 5s), I do like to use the old fashioned writing instrument called a ballpoint pen and a notebook. My handwriting got so much worse since I got so used to typing on the phone or my laptop. I am planning to go to a stationery shop in Covent Garden and get a few items – I will blog about this soon.

I love my old Fulton umbrella – it is so tiny, light and sturdy, it withstands quite strong winds – let’s say it’s a life saver! Sometimes I wear my warm jacket with the hood so I do not need to use the umbrella but it is still good to have it in my bag as it is a permanent resident there.

Handbag SOS items

Well worn out tin of Lemon butter cuticle cream (I LOVE the scent of this stuff!) with L’Occitane Amande (almond) hand cream, Origins Ginger essence roll on perfume, Burt’s Bees Rose tinted lip balm (thank you, my Secret Santa!) and an old and battered Clinique compact powder

The skin on my hands is terribly dry so I have to try to moisturise it as often as I remember – having a rich hand cream that soaks in quickly without leaving the greasy feeling is a must when I am out and about. Mind you, I generally have dry skin all over my body, and lips are no exception, so a pack of the rich lip balm is a must have handbag SOS item for me too. I love Burt’s Bees as a brand, and this one is awesome as it gives some colour to my lips whilst protecting them from the wind. I was lucky to have got it from the Secret Santa last Christmas 🙂

I really enjoy using the roll on Origins ginger essence after a long day in the office just before I head out to catch my train – it instantly refreshes me, and it is so sweet and fresh and delicious! I apply it to my pulse points and take the sweet time to inhale this beautiful aroma. Mmm, it makes me smile just thinking about it!

I do have loads more stuff inside my handbag, but it would be a very long blog post if I was to talk about everything I carry – maybe one day I will run a full inventory of items that live in my purse. Do let me know if you would like me to share this!

I would love to hear about your favourite essentials! And what are the must have SOS items you have in your handbags?


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