My little treasures from Etsy

I absolutely love Etsy – it is such an amazing place for all kinds of beautiful, wonderful, quirky, unique and unusual things. I can get lost browsing Etsy website for hours and never get bored of admiring all the little things on there. The best thing is that most of the treasures on Etsy are handmade by very talented people from all parts of the world. It is a truly amazing feeling receiving something you have ordered, knowing that it came from a country far far away…

I have a few little things I have bought from Etsy over the years and here they all are.


My selection of jewellery from various traders on Etsy

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours. I happen to own a beautiful boat neck cashmere top in turquoise and when I saw the little gold filled ear studs with the dainty turquoise stones I thought they would match the top perfectly, so I got really tempted and ordered them from the Holylandtreasures. They are super cute, I think. Came all the way from Israel! They were quite inexpensive at the time (around £18) about 3 years ago, not bad for a 14 carat filled gold with real gemstone.



After about 3 years since I got the earrings I decided I needed to complete the set and get a dainty ring with turquoise so I have ordered the ring from another Etsy trader, Fondeur. The shade of turquoise on the ring is slightly different but that does not bother me too much as it is still a gorgeous colour! This cute ring came all the way from the US state of NC.

I also love pearls and have been on a lookout for the hoops with the fastening, I have the studs already, and Etsy did not let me down! These beauties are from Lexi and Gem based in Pittsburgh, PA!


Freshwater pearls with sterling silver

I am not the biggest fan of necklaces, especially the chunky ones (they do not suit me, I think, as I am not the skinniest person in the world), so I usually opt for simple understated designs. I found the chevron to be perfect, the necklace is so delicate and pretty. I have received quite a few compliments from people on how pretty it is. It is not gold but gold plated over brass, was quite cheap (only £7) and came from Seoul, South Korea!


Another delicate necklace I got from Etsy has a simple bent bar (a hollow tube), it is so delicate and simple but looks beautiful with any outfit. It was lovingly made in Portland, Oregon by Selicias. This necklace is gold filled and cost me around £20.


The last but not least, and the cutest ever Etsy purchase – I think it will be hard to disagree with me on this one 😉 – has to be my monster phone case made by Svetlana who lived in Dortmund, Germany. Her little shop is called EthicStyle. How can you resist it?


My super cute monster phone case makes me smile

I keep my day to day jewellery items in a small box Simon bought for me a few years ago – I adore the little butterflies on it!


And today I have ordered a couple of beautiful Ukrainian style kitchen towels from Etsy and will share the pictures here on my blog once I get them, hopefully very soon. My mother in law loves poppies, so I ordered one for her as well.

I have been coveting the little star necklace I saw on Etsy too – may give in to the temptation sometime and crack under pressure 🙂 I better get away from the computer before I click the Buy it now button.


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