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Pussies Galore

You may be wondering what on Earth possessed me to come up with the name for my blog post today. I am not gonna lie, I was inspired by the program we watched on Channel 5 earlier called Pussies Galore: Love Me Love My Cats. It is a documentary about cat fanatics – what else can I say? The clue is in the name. If you are in the UK, you can watch a recording of the program via this link.

The name “Pussy Galore” makes me smile – I am a fan of both Ian Fleming’s Bond series and feline creatures so I love the connection. I must say, I love all animals – growing up in the countryside, we had cats, dogs, pigs, goats, rabbits, chicken, ducks… I even used to milk our three goats three times a day when I lived with my nan when I was studying at the university, that sure was a long time ago, before I met the love of my life…

Simon shares my love for animals too, especially cats, and we have three pussy cat friends sharing a home with us. So I feel like sharing loads of pictures of my feline furry bundles of joy.

Russian Blue cat

Portrait of Anton

Russian Blue cat

Anton is enjoying the extra heat

Russian Blue cat

Anton is relaxing

Russian Blue cat

Alsou is a little beauty

Russian Blue cat




Nikki is chilling out

The work week is now over, and it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend! Have a wonderful weekend!

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