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Saturday musings on bread and bacon

Time for weekend musings. Listening to the sound of kettle boiling in the kitchen and the ticking of the clock, and the drumming of rain drops on the windows I thought I would write about my so far quiet lazy Saturday. After skipping breakfast and having a nice long lay in this morning I treated myself and Simon to some super tasty brunch – a bacon, avocado and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread. I absolutely love Allinson wholemeal bread – it is really tasty, so soft and keeps very well. As we only get groceries once a week it really helps having bread that lasts well through the week. Our chickens and wild birds in the garden enjoy an occasional slice too.


Tasty bacon sarnie

I must admit that bread is a particular weakness of mine, I love all the bread types, from sourdough to dark rye. Mmmm, just thinking about freshly baked bread with a bit of butter or olive oil makes my mouth water… We are lucky to have a local bakery that makes delicious sourdough, and occasionally Simon goes to Balthazar Bakery  in Covent Garden to get their olive focaccia so we can enjoy it over the weekend.

I wanted to start the new year by helping my fellow bread lover and have just made a small contribution to Richard Snapes’ project on Kickstarter – he is so passionate about making proper bread and needs help to expand his bakery in Bermondsey. If you would like to see more details about Richard’s project, please check it out here: The Snapery Bakery London

Once I have a new oven (I am planning to upgrade my hob and the oven sometime this year) I will make an effort to bake more at home. I used to be pretty good with yeast dough, me and my nan used to make mean pierozki and kulebyakas back in Ukraine.

Simon is back here with tea and biscuits, it is getting even darker outside and the sad truth is that we only have one day to go until life is back to “normal” 9 to 5. Well, a cuppa tea will cheer me up for sure…


A rainy Saturday in January

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