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Shopping therapy with Cornelia James

I know, I have missed my usual Saturday morning blogging last weekend. I do feel quite a bit out of sync with life in general as much of last week I spent assuming the lifestyle of a cat: eating and sleeping. It has been over a week now since I got the virus that turned into a full blown chest infection and I am feeling rather deflated, with no energy left for any activities that require some physical effort. But I sure felt the need for some shopping therapy – what girl does not feel happier and more upbeat whilst shopping!

I have been on a lookout for a couple of essential wardrobe accessories and have been browsing a few favourite online sites to pass the time and get inspired. That is the beauty of shopping online: you do not need to walk around busy stores looking for those much-coveted items or relying on a bit of luck in spotting something nice and worthy of your hard-earned cash. It can be done from the comfort of your own home and delivered to your door the following day. All you need is an Internet-enabled device and some Internet, and, of course, some money.

Anyway, it is no secret that I really enjoy buying British-made products whenever possible. I do not mind paying that little bit extra if it supports the local producers, be it farmers, fishermen, or other manufacturers. Call me naive or stupid, but I think it is the right thing to do. Cornelia James is one of those iconic British brands that I have admired for a while but never got around to actually owning any of the essential women’s wardrobe accessories they have been making since the 1940s. I always had worn leather gloves and simple not-very-special scarves, but this time I decided to splurge on a pair of Cornelia James’ elegant gloves and the warm pashmina.

Cornelia James do not have a huge variety of gloves or scarves but pretty much all of their designs are just up my street: they are simple, not showy, so elegant and subtly beautiful! I was absolutely certain that there was no danger of me having to return my purchases as I love the design I have chosen, and I knew that the quality will be top class: Cornelia James is a glove maker with a Royal Warrant after all. Royal Warrant is a mark of British excellence which is recognised all over the World!

And here they are, arrived just this morning: the simple, modest and subtly beautiful boxes. Cornelia James do their packaging very well and to me, the packaging is an important part of the product experience.

The pretty grey boxes that contain pashmina and gloves from Cornelia James

The two pretty grey boxes that contain my new delightful accessories: pashmina and gloves

I was itching to open those beautiful boxes and lay my hands on their contents but, as a true fan of Instagram, blogger and a general Social Media user, I took a few pictures first. It is quite funny how these days you are compelled to take pictures of food before you eat it. I do that a lot, and also of anything I buy – good job there is virtually an endless volume of digital storage to utilise!

A bouquet of flowers with two long rectangular boxes

I adore the simple understated design of these boxes

I was awed by how soft and beautiful my new cashmere pashmina is! It is so-so delicate, so finely woven – by hand in Nepal from the wool of Himalayan Capra Hircus goats. It is indeed light enough to be a summer shawl for those breezy evenings, and warm enough to be a winter scarf – oh, I think I am already addicted to it and will use it well throughout the year! I opted for the pashmina in Taupe colour but there are plenty of other beautiful colours to choose from. I actually think that I may get some other colours in the future.


A taupe colour coiled cashmere scarf in the white box

My beautiful Cressida pure cashmere pashmina in Taupe from Cornelia James

The Imogen merino wool gloves are also very pretty: the cute bow on the side make them look so elegant and feminine. They are quite lightweight and not overly thick, but seem solid, well made and stitching is quite perfect! I seem to have poor circulation in my extremities and Merino wool should do a good job at keeping my hands warm when I am out and about. As with the pashmina, there are quite a few colours to choose from!

Black merino wool gloves with side bows in the white box

Imogen merino wool gloves by Cornelia James

So here we are, my beautiful woollen pashmina and a pair of gloves are guaranteed to keep me warm and cosy over the years to come! I am ridiculously pleased to own them now myself – it is not everyday I get to buy this kind of luxurious yet super necessary items! I see them as a worthy investment and I will be so proud to wear the best of British.

A coiled taupe scarf and a pair of black wool gloves in the rectangular box

My beautifully elegant cashmere pashmina and merino wool gloves by Cornelia James

This is just the kind of shopping therapy I needed to make me feel happier! Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and maybe you have been inspired to buy the same items. What kind of things make you happy when you are unwell?

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