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Shoryu – tasty Japanese ramen noodles in London

Phew, it sure has been a busy week for me, quite energetic and productive and I am feeling suitably tired and so ready for the weekend. The office bug was surely going around and did some “damage”: me and my colleagues kept taking turns in sneezing and coughing, and everyone was feeling rather tired. I had a super-persistent headache on Thursday that even my 1000 tablets stash of ibuprofen from Walgreens could not cure, and, to top it all, Friday morning’s long wait for the elusive bus left me soaked in the fine London drizzle and chilled to the bone; and it is supposed to be spring! By lunchtime on Friday I was starting to feel so tired and weary, I needed something warm and and tasty to cheer me up. As I ventured out of the office at lunchtime, I knew just the place which could do that, to warm my body and my soul: the Japanese ramen noodles restaurant called Shoryu.

It was buzzing inside as hungry City workers were enjoying their Friday lunches. I love this kind of atmosphere, when its busy and lively. It can sometimes present some challenges with finding a free table, but on this occasion we did not have to wait long to be seated though, we were offered a nice spot by the kitchen which allowed us to watch the busy chefs preparing ramen and other dishes they have on the menu while waiting for our order.


Chefs are busy preparing tasty food for hungry City workers

The other part of kitchen is separated from the main restaurant by a glass screen for a reason: that is where the huge real flame grilling is done! Occasionally the flame was as high as those bottles of sake!

Shoryu kitchen

A view to the kitchen of Shoryu – that’s where the magic happens

We did not have to wait long for our food and it was a real feast for our eyes! We opted for these beauties:

The most recommended Japanese Ramen noodles: Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu – £13.50

This deliciously rich, thick and meaty tonkotsu broth, with nitamago egg, soft melt-in-your-mouth pork pieces and spring onion, seaweed sprinkled with lots of aromatic sesame seeds.

Shoryu ramen

Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu – just look how rich, glossy and meaty that broth is!

My colleague is a big fan of Japanese cuisine and got really tempted by the bun. Apparently, it did not disappoint! I may try it too the next time I come to Shoryu, as I am a meat eater, I will most likely opt for the bun with either char siu barbecue pork belly, soy marinated chicken karaage or tiger prawn tempura.

Shoryu Bun with grilled halloumi & shimeji mushrooms – 1 piece for £4.80 or 2 pieces for £8

Shoryu bun with grilled halloumi and shimeji mushrooms

Curry Ramen – £13.50

Curry Ramen was a rich curry-soy tonkotsu pork broth, goosnargh chicken karaage, nitamago egg, nori seaweed, menma bamboo shoots, naruto fish cake, spring onion, ginger.

Japanese ramen noodles

Our delicious Friday lunch treats trio

I have to admit, I am far from being an expert on Japanese cuisine (or any cuisine for that matter), and most “fancy” named ingredients do not mean anything to me. I mean, you have to be into this kind of stuff to know the meaning of goosnargh chicken karaage – to me it just reads blankety chicken blank. I have half a mind to do some research though as I am quite fascinated by Japanese food, it is just so very tasty and different! But, having said all this, I am adventurous when it comes to food and I have thoroughly enjoyed this! It was everything I was hoping it to be: warm, comforting, rich: a delicious treat my my senses.

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