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I am officially stressed. Courtesy of a good doctor, I will be having lots of rest and relaxation and will have to start taking some preventative medication for my migraines. Never in a million worlds did I think I would end up taking Amitriptyline (an antidepressant) to prevent migraine attacks. I was told that my blood pressure is low (hence the constant dizziness), so I cannot take beta blockers as they would lower the blood pressure even more, and the only option left is trying the antidepressant which should help me relax, sleep better and prevent migraine attacks. I do hope this will work as I am so tired of feeling poorly all the time, not being able to read or look at the phone or computer screen without cringing.

As another proof of my body being stressed, I have noticed a lot of breakouts of spots/zits appearing on my face over the last week – I am not normally this bad! I occasionally get an odd spot near the “time of the month”, but now I have a few sore patches on my chin, on the upper lip and on the cheeks. What to do?

Well, I am trying to apply the “usual protocol” – dabbing the miracle product I have now been using for a long while – Origins Super Spot Remover, blemish treatment gel. It contains salicylic acid which helps heal the sore patch on my skin quicker than tea tree oil I used to use in the past. And it smells less pungent than the tea tree oil too. It seems like most of my spots have faded away overnight but there are a couple of really persistent ones that even the spot remover does not clear!


Origins Super Spot Remover – a cute little bottle – small but mighty


It is a tiny bottle but you only need a dab on the spot so it lasts a long time


I am trying the sample of Origins Super Spot Remover on spots as well

I have received a tiny sample of Origins Super Spot Remover from somewhere that is supposed to correct the imperfections on the skin, including blemishes but to be honest I have not noticed it doing anything to my spots.


Alsou is inspecting the bottles


Balancing act by Alsou

What are your favourite anti-blemish treatments? Do you have any tips on coping with breakouts when your body is under stress?


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