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Sunday in the fast lane

I have spent a part of this Sunday morning in the car speeding along the A12 towards Colchester whilst listening to the beats of Muse on the car stereo. I was watching the clouds and the outside scenery flashing past as we tore up the road for a visit to Simon’s mum and her sister.

I like being a passenger, especially when Simon is driving (he is an excellent driver, unlike me) – not having to concentrate on driving gives me plenty of opportunities to just relax and let my mind wander, and enjoy just being there. This time of year when the weather is chilly outside I sure appreciate having the seat heaters in the car so I was very cosy both on the way to Colchester and back when the darkness was shrouded around us.

Apart from having a good old catch up with Simon’s family, I had the pleasure of cuddling, being sat on and being licked to death by the beautiful doggies, particularly this chunky chap called Mac.

Mac is a real gentleman – he even wears a cute tie with a Mickey Mouse!


Mac the dog wears a tie


A beautiful greyhound Poppy is relaxing in her comfy furry bed

Cute greyhound


Greyhounds are such lazy dogs – they make perfect pets – after years of racing around the racing tracks all they seem to want to do is sleep and eat. Well, maybe go on an occasional walk outside too. My mother in law has been adopting rescue greyhounds for about 20 years and she also has cats in the house which dogs do not take much notice of. I do love dogs and often think it would be great to have one, but I think our cats would definitely disapprove – they would hate having a dog in the house!

We were greeted by Anton when we came back in the evening: he gave me a full sniff over and decided that the smell of dogs is ok but he would prefer me smelling of him, so he was quite keen to rub his chin all over me.

Happy purry kitty

Happy purry kitty. 

All this travelling seems to have made the day go quickly – I cannot believe it’s time to go and prepare for bedtime after a good soak in the bath. A brand new working week to look forward to. Wishing you all a great week and thanks for stopping by! 😉

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