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Dior Addict Lip Glow

    Beauty, Product review

    A balm for my soul

    As the winter reluctantly gives way to spring my skin is feeling the effects of harsh winds and lack of vitamins… My face and my lips were peeling like crazy lately, no amount of moisturising creams seem to help with the “peel phase” to any great effect, and it seems to happen to me every single year in February-March. I am taking vitamin D supplement daily (I really think it helps, I have not had a single cold since November!), and I have been taking biotin supplement for almost two years now and can also see the positive effect the biotin has on my hair but not so much on my skin, so I am considering adding other vitamins/minerals to the mix. I needed some nice but effective lip protection in my life and it turns out Dior Addict was just the product to do it whilst giving some decorative effect to my lips. Read more


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