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Thank God for Friday!

Thank God for Friday! Well, I reckon you don’t have to be Irish to agree with this phrase – I sure am not Irish but wholeheartedly agree that I am so glad it is Friday. If you, like me, work from Monday to Friday, you always look forward to the weekends, and Fridays feel great! The phrase (after it has been translated to me) and a smiley face on the whiteboard sure did bring a smile to my face earlier today.

This evening I am all set to immerse myself into some interesting reading: I have recently got hold of a book by Daniel Gilbert, the renowned Harvard psychologist, called “Stumbling on Happiness” – it claims to change the way you look at just about everything… I have read a couple of chapters and so far it proved to be a very interesting read. Hmm, the mystery of the human mind… What it is capable of. The emotional happiness. The mind-boggling “future is now” concept – even Shakespeare said it in Macbeth:

“The letters have transported me beyond this ignorant present, and I feel now the future in the instant.”

Stumbling on happiness by Daniel Gilbert – a good book and a bar of nice chocolate – a perfect way to spend my Friday evening

So far I am enjoying the style of Daniel Gilbert’s writing – it’s very easy to follow and quite entertaining, with some humorous streak. I will share my thoughts about the book once I finish reading it.

Have you come across this book before? I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

A page from the book


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