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That Saturday feeling…

Today is a quiet day of recuperation, catching up on sleep and tasty food for me – not that I do not get to eat any tasty food during the week, but on Saturday it is all allowed: it’s the weekend after all!

We had a delicious treat in a form of crispy and smokey American style bacon (we happened to have a couple of packs of Oscar Mayer bacon in the fridge after a trip to Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks ago), fresh tomato and HP fruity sauce wrapped in fresh from the oven hot petit pains. You can buy these beauties from any major supermarket, they really are good for a lazy day when you want some freshly baked bread that only takes as much effort as opening the pack, pre-heating the oven and then baking them for 10 to 12 minutes. I mean, how hard is that?


Petit pains

Petit pains

So, the bacon has been grilling away while the bread was crisping up in the oven, then all I had to do was to assemble the sandwich by adding a few tomato slices and some HP Fruity sauce for extra flavour – not that you need it, this bacon is very smokey and the ripe tomato is quite flavoursome.


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After doing a quick round of washing up after we had our late breakfast and then some other light housework (see, I do not just loiter around at the weekend) I got to relax with a nice cuppa on the sofa listening to Barbra Streisand’s best songs collection. I did not get to spend much time with my chickens today as it was pouring down with rain for most of the day, and as soon as it starts getting dark my girls put themselves to bed, but they were happy to be digging around in muddy vegetable beds in the garden all day, making themselves look like dirty little devils.

I am so lucky to have them, chickens make fantastic pets that give back! Look what I had for lunch today, courtesy of my generous girls!


Beautiful golden yolks in a simple egg omelette

Plain omelette

Plain omelette with butter and fresh cress

I usually like my omelette to be ever-so-slightly runny in the middle – there is nothing worse for me than having a rubber-like texture inside. The nuttiness of the butter (I only used about a teaspoon or so) adds to the flavour of fresh eggs, some salt, freshly milled black pepper and cress that adds that little extra flavour that I love. I always have a little packet in my fridge these days as cress is a perfect accompaniment to any egg dish or in a salad.

I think this evening I will have something very light to eat, or skip supper altogether – the omelette is very filling! Simon and I will continue assembling our cute little UGears 3D wooden puzzle tram as we have a few more bits to put together and I cannot contain my excitement! I will be sharing more pictures and videos of it once we finish the whole set.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are. I would love to hear what you like to do during your weekend!

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