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The most aromatic balm to lay your hands on

For ages I have been on a lookout for a good non-greasy but effective hand cream as I am running out of my favourite “office desk draw” hand cream – Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream. I’ve been loving it so much for the last year or even longer, it moisturises the skin and cuticles so well and does not leave any sticky feeling. I am amazed it has lasted me this long, as I use it at least three to four times a day five days a week, so it’s well-worth the money! This post, however, is about a different product I cannot stop raving about: it is Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm that I want to tell you about.

Antipodes is one of my favourite all-natural skincare brands, and their Deliverance Kowhai Hand Cream is excellent too – also very moisturising without being sticky or greasy, and both Joyful and Deliverance have the most exquisite scents… But this post isn’t about how much I love Antipodes the brand, it is about the new product I have been lucky to lay my hands on (literally).

My dearest got me a present the other day, as I have mentioned to him that I need to get a hand cream for the office, and he has remembered how much I love Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – every time we go past Aesop store in Covent Garden I squirt a little balm onto my hands (they have a 500ml pump bottle hanging outside their beautiful store for people to try their best product out), and then I keep sniffing my hands for hours after and keep raving about how I love the aroma and how soft my hands are. I was really excited so see Simon pull out the small cotton (or linen) bag out of his coat pocket with the tube and some other goodies. Oh, the cheeky smile dancing in his eyes while he was doing it! He likes surprising me like that.

Aesop is another all-natural, organic skincare brand that comes from the other side of the planet, Australia, to be precise. Not sure why am I so partial towards the Antipodes (and I don’t mean the brand this time), I have fallen in love with New Zealand as I have been lucky to visit that beautiful country twice – maybe that’s the reason? Anyway, they sure know how to make good skincare products down under 🙂

The tube contains 75ml of aromatic balm

The tube contains 75ml of the aromatic balm

This balm comes at a fairly hefty price of £19 per 75ml aluminium tube (no frills packaging that can be recycled). These also come in 120ml tubes (£25) or a 500ml glass bottle with the pump (£69). Mind you, the quality of the product and the effect it has on my dry skin and cuticles is amazing, and the aroma is so stunning (a zesty tangerine? lavender? with sandalwood? – I really am not sure but it is so pleasant!) that I think it is worth it! You can check the information about the balm out here on Aesop’s website.


The bag also contained two sample packs of the B & Tea facial toner and the Parsley Seed masque

Parsley Seed cleansing masque is another cult product from Aesop which I have been hoping to try out one day, and I was so glad they have thrown a couple of sachets for me to try!


I have used the sachet of the B & Tea balancing toner, it smells divine and did not seem to dry my skin out (some toners do, so I am not really buying toners any more). I will have a go at a masque tonight as Sunday is a bath night – a relaxing soak relaxing for body and mind before another full working week.


The balm has a yellowy tint to it (could it be the tangerine?). Note the dryness of my skin before I applied the balm!

After I have rubbed the delicious-smelling balm into the skin and cuticles my skin became so soft and felt oh-so-comfortable, the look of my skin has changed almost instantly!


The skin of my hands feels and looks moisturised, nourished and smells so good!

I really enjoy this hand cream (or balm, as Aesop calls it) – it is currently in my handbag and I will put it in my office desk draw as soon as the Antipodes Joyful hand and body cream is completely gone. No rush…

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