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Thursday Bohemian Rhapsody

Thursday is most definitely my favourite day of the week for a couple of reasons: I was born on a Thursday (not that I remember how my first ever day went) and also because I start “winding down” into a weekend mode, start looking forward to Friday, usually a calm day in the office, and then the weekend.

It was a very wet day morning in London today but after lunchtime the sky was beautiful and blue, fluffy white clouds were moving fast above the buildings and the sun shone brightly. I have been lucky to be able to watch the clouds for 15 minutes or so during my lunch break while I was waiting for my lunch to be cooked on the BBQ by a street food vendor not far from my office. Bánh mì baguette with BBQ pork loin, pickles, fresh coriander and chilli bursting with flavour is just what I needed after a busy morning. In the hindsight, it may not have been the healthiest choice of lunch to opt for, considering that I am trying to loose the extra weight I have gained over Christmas holidays, but the evocative smokey aromas were enough to persuade me to stop and go for this little bundle of tastiness.


Bahn mi sandwich

This Bahn mi sandwich is delicious!

But wait, this was not the only thing I have treated myself to today!

I go past Monsoon every day and today is the day I have decided to dive in for a quick browse for the first time ever. I have always avoided Monsoon stores as in my mind they have a reputation for having all Bohemian style dresses, tops and jewellery, and I am not really into this style (I love to admire it from afar), I am more of a plain colour&no pattern kinda girl, but I have managed to find a beautiful bright colour silk top there today! And the best thing is that it was on sale – who does not like a good bargain 😉

I shall wear the blouse soon enough with my trusty old black slacks, we have a dress down code in the office on Fridays so this top will be perfect for it.

Earlier, after dinner, me and Simon had these gorgeous berry cheesecakes from Aldi – it is a real find! They look the part and taste really nice – highly recommended!

Aldi cheesecake

A very berry cheesecake from Aldi


I am a lucky girl 🙂



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