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Time to get organised!

I thought I would write about the nifty little thing I got recently and it proved to be a real gem: meet Periea organisers. As the weekend is coming to a close, it is time to get organised and start preparing for the working week ahead. I am keeping my fingers crossed for being back to normal tomorrow morning, I am so fed up with feeling dizzy and being wobbly on my feet, though at least feeling dizzy is better than having the actual migraine! Every cloud has silver lining, as they say 🙂

I have recently had to order a replacement handbag organiser (plus 5 more!) as my trusty old one has been gifted to my dear sister a couple of weeks ago. It was a real hit with her, my mum and my niece, as well as sister’s colleagues – they couldn’t get enough of how fantastic this idea of a handbag organiser is!


Periea handbag organisers come in a variety of colours and patterns

And who am I to disagree? It is great, I LOVE all kinds of organisers, even though I am not the most organised person in the world, but a tiny bit of OCD in me does enjoy having some order in the handbag. I have no patience for stuff being lost in the depths of my large handbag any more! Oh, the suffering I had to go through without the organiser during my travel back to London! But I have survived to live another day, and – “ta-da” – have already got an identical one back in my handbag 🙂


Nifty little pockets are great for small tubes, bottles, packs


Even smaller compartments on the other side are handy for glasses wipes, pen, business cards, Swiss army knife, hair ties

I carry my small Fulton umbrella, hair brush and a selection of wet and dry tissues in the main compartment of the organiser which can be made smaller, if necessary. I usually do this when I swap my bags – sometimes I carry my over the body satchel bag, it is a bit smaller in size.



I have a large bunch of keys, or, rather, keyfobs – they live inside my organiser too


All ready to just insert into my handbag

I bought these organisers from eBay, they cost £5.99 – mine are medium, they also come in small and large sizes. There seem to be plenty of them on Amazon too! I think there are other makes out there on the market, but, having once bought a cheaper organiser and seeing it fall apart after just one use, I think Periea is far superior in quality.

Do you have a favourite organiser for your handbag? Let me know, I would love to hear about how you organise your handbag contents!

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