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Two amazing perfumes you must check out this winter!

After my longer-than-decent break from blogging I sure am glad to be back! I really missed writing and sharing my life experiences with the world! Phew, 2016 has gone, and what a year it has been, by all accounts: it was an exemplary “zebra-style” year for me, at times seemingly with more black lines than necessary but, hey, what does not break us makes us stronger, right?

Anyway, I better come back to the topic of my first post of 2017: the two current favourite perfumes of mine that I simply adore wearing during the cold winter months. These beauties have been cheering me up every morning for the last couple of months: my dearest hubby knew I was running out of my old favourite Un bois vanille and he got me some for my birthday. I have been loving this masterpiece of Serge Lutens’ for a couple of years now and was keen to try his other creations, an idea of spicy gingerbread was so appealing to me! As someone who is always attracted to sweet and spicy perfumes, especially when it is cold and gloomy outside, I feel as though the scent alone warms me up…

I simply adore these modest, beautifully designed carton boxes that enfold equally beautifully designed bottles that contain the precious liquids.

The two beautiful creations by Serge Lutens

I have not been hanging around with unwrapping the boxes as I was so desperate to try the new scent on my skin: Five O`Clock Au Gingembre was on my wish list for a very long time!

I must mention here that both Five O`Clock Au Gingembre and Un bois vanille are unisex perfumes. According to good old Fragarantica (one of my all time favourite websites!) Five O`Clock Au Gingembre is an “Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men and it was launched in 2008. Top notes are tea and bergamot; middle notes are ginger, cinnamon and woodsy notes; base notes are cacao, honey, amber, patchouli and pepper”. In my opinion, it has an amazing longevity and sillage, I can smell the delicious spicy scent on my clothes, in my hair for at least a couple of days.

Un bois vanille is not your typical all-vanilla, cake-like fragrance: it is much more complex and unique: it features sandalwood, black liquorice, coconut milk, beeswax, bitter almond, musk, vanilla, benzoin, guaiac wood and tonka bean. It is simply stunning, and, like Five O`Clock Au Gingembre, has excellent longevity and sillage.

Sometimes I go crazy and mix the two together… And what a gorgeous mix it is!

Just look at these simple but at the same time stunning in their simplicity glass vessels: they do not “scream” at you but, rather, intrigue and invite to try the perfume they contain inside.

The gorgeous duo of Serge Lutens creations

Serge Lutens perfumes are niche fragrances, not your typical high street brand perfumes and, to me, they are most certainly unlike any other scents I experienced – and that is partly the reason why I love them! Do you have a favourite Serge Lutens perfume? Let me know which one!

If you look hard enough, you can get them from reputable departments stores here in the UK: House of FraserLiberty of London to name a few, but also you can find them on Amazon!

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