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Two ways to spoil yourself

Hello, world! Hello my brand new virtual home! It is my first proper blog post here on, so I am super excited! I have really missed my daily blog postings, over the last few days I have been slowly working on creation of this new blogging environment, as well as spoiling myself by resting to the point of turning into a cat (well, judging from the amount of sleeping I did every day), and even had to stop my fast diet (5:2 diet) as my doctor has recommended eating regularly, at least until I am fully back to normal. If you are wondering what is currently wrong with me, please check out one of my previous blog posts.

Well, the two things I really like are eating and sleeping, so under doctor’s orders I have no shame in doing just that! This lunchtime (actually, more like brunch time for me, as I was snoozing away at breakfast time) I have treated myself to the one of the simplest but most delicious sandwiches: egg, mayo and cress. The three simple ingredients with just a pinch of seasoning are all you need to have a healthy and tasty meal, obviously a couple of slices of nice bread is a must too, otherwise it would not be a sandwich!

Mmmm, it sure is a beauty… and it tasted as good as it looked.

Soft boiled egg with low fat Hellmann's mayonnaise, cress salad on a lightly toasted seedy bread

Soft boiled egg with low fat Hellmann’s mayonnaise, cress salad on a lightly toasted seedy bread

Egg and cress sandwich

I love soft boiled eggs! Well, I love eggs full stop 😉


To achieve this beautifully soft yolk, I find it best to bring water to the boil, then add the eggs and boil them for exactly 7 minutes. After that, I fully drain the boiling water and run ice cold water from the tap over the eggs to stop them from cooking any further.

The great thing about boiled eggs is that they keep in the fridge for at least one week, and it is nice to have them either as a quick snack (if you are in a hurry), or add them as a protein into salads. Eggs have recently been acquitted from having a bad reputation (rumours used to be spread around claiming that eggs contain “bad” fats), so while eggs ARE high in cholesterol, they do not cause high cholesterol in human blood. NHS (National Health Service) has produced an informative article on eggs and nutrition, you may find it quite interesting to read! And the article on Authority Nutrition lists 10 proven health benefits of eggs – a fascinating read!

I am so thankful to my girls for providing us with a steady supply of eggs 🙂

Do you have any good quick to prepare egg dishes? Let me know, I would love to hear new exciting ideas to try out! And eat eggs!


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