Varnishing act duo

It’s cold, windy and wet outside – it must be the Bank holiday weekend in Britain! Weather in this country has decidedly got some wicked sense of humour, thinking it is a joke, except it is no longer funny! Why does it have to be beautifully warm and sunny during the week when we are all holed up busy in the office, wishing we could go out and enjoy the glorious sunshine, and then, when it’s the weekend, it is miserable outside…

Anyway, enough complaining about the weather, I don’t mind it too much, really – it’s always nice to just have a quiet time at home: snuggle up in front of the telly, or read a book, or go rummage in the kitchen and cook something nice… Actually, no, no more cooking, I really must stop eating – although that would be a silly thing to do, rather, I should start eating less! After Easter, perhaps.

I am running out of the nail varnish remover and have been looking for a new one that is acetone free. Acetone free removers seem to be so much gentler on my skin, my cuticles are really dry at the best of times, so if I can avoid drying them out even more, I’d rather go with the “less effective” remover, and just use a little bit more of it. I have recently noticed a brand of nail polishes called “The True Brit London” – I was wowed by the choice of colours of their nail varnishes! Gorgeous enamels, beautiful palette. They claim to be enriched with vitamin E, rose and elderflower, and the longevity is around 5 to 7 days without chipping. Wow, that does sound good to me. And I love their packaging too.

I resisted getting another nail varnish as I have plenty to use up, that, of course, did not stop me from drooling over the base coat Caviar and Victoria. Well, in the end I got the duo of acetone free nail varnish removers with…. wait for it…. strawberries & cream and cucumber & elderflower scents! Both of these, according to the website, gently hydrate the nail with its added Vitamin E, Argan Oil & Pro Vitamin B5 – nice.

And you cannot go wrong buying British.


A box with British classic treats has arrived

I could not wait to open it and get a sniff of the box contents. I love the cute packaging and the ribbon neatly tied around the simple black box.

Beautiful glass bottles with the gorgeous scent emanating from them

Beautiful glass bottles with the gorgeous scent emanating from them

Bottles were individually wrapped in the zip-bag (I guess, to prevent the leaks during the transportation), I took them off so I could take some pictures of the gorgeous little packet or, rather, its precious contents. The shredded paper is now being used by my chickens in their nest box – that’s what I call recycling 🙂


The duo of delicious-smelling nail varnish removers from The True Brit London

The scents are very pleasant, so unusual for a nail varnish remover! And they seem to last a fairly long time once the nails have been stripped off the varnish using one of these removers – I kept smelling my fingers all day! I guess the thorough wash of hands with loads of soap would probably get rid of the scent but I did not want to get rid of the scent, it is too nice!

At £5.95 a bottle it is quite an expensive treat, but that is exactly what these nail polish removers are – they are a gorgeous luxury treat. I know it is not a L’Oreal product, but I am itching to say “because I am worth it”!

Have you tried The True Brit nail varnishes or one of these removers? Are they as good as they look?


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