Views from the top of the cloud

Phew, what a long day it has been today, it started at 6.30am for me as I had to rush out for an early morning breakfast meeting and I really hate being late. It was worth getting up half an hour earlier than usual, as I got another chance to look at the beautiful London from above. I love being high up, it gives me this sensation of being detached from the real world, almost like floating in the cloud feeling. I enjoy finding a quiet moment of just watching the birds flying past, performing clever acrobatics, cars moving along the busy roads, people looking like little dots, construction machinery digging, demolishing something. During such times I let my mind just wander and it is such a nice feeling.

I did not have any breakfast during the meeting as today is my fasting day – I have been following the 5:2 (fast) diet for over two years now and I find that it helps with my IBS. Nice croissants and pain au chocolat with fresh strawberries did their best to lure me in but I have resisted them and just had black long Nespresso. I can pat myself on the shoulder for staying strong.

To distract myself from any thoughts of food I took a couple of sneaky shots of peak time London beneath me.




Views over London from Heron Tower

Views over London from Heron Tower

I could look at these pictures forever, they mesmerise me…

My next skyscraper trip will have to be to 20 Fenchurch street aka the “Walkie-Talkie” of London, melt-the-car-interior building and I cannot believe I have not been there yet! Apparently, they have a beautiful conservatory there with palms and trees and, of course, beautiful views of London.

After a long day of work I am finally back home, wrapped up in a soft blanket, having eaten a light supper that was very tasty indeed. I have cooked an omelette with smoked ham, cherry tomatoes, spring onion and cress and served it with crunchy salad on the side with a splash of Ranch dressing. A very nice supper it was indeed. Eggs are a perfect ingredient for so many “fast food” solutions. I love a simple home made egg and cress sandwich! Or I have recently discovered fried egg, tomato and mustard in brioche bun sandwich – it is truly amazing! Oh, and avocado and egg on toast, yummy and healthy at the same time. And how about the Huevos Rancheros?

My girls are still doing a great job with egg laying despite the moulting season. They really enjoy their corn scratchings so yolks are so bright and yellow!


A beautiful delicious omelette – courtesy of my girls

Right, I am going to have an early night tonight – got to wash my hair and have a good soak in the hot bath before going to bed. I feel nicely tired now and have a good feeling of my day not being too bad at all. Life is good.

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