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Wow, it sure has been a while since I wrote my last post here – I thought I would share my weekend with you. This has been my first week back at work, and it’s so good to be back to normal life again: well, I do not quite feel the “usual” self yet, am still dizzy at times and really-really tired through the day – I must still be getting used to taking the medication and playing around to find the right dose. But, hey ho, at least I have not had any migraines for over two weeks!

I am trying to do as much relaxing as possible, and the weekend is always good for doing just that! I found myself drawn to my long-forgotten old love – painting with watercolours. I am not an expert in this (far from it!),  but I just LOVE the process of painting, watching the watercolours flow around the paper, then seeing the picture emerging. It is very relaxing and therapeutic, I quite forgot how good it is to paint…

Here is the result of my little painting session: a little pansy, well, I hope it looks like a pansy… I used the wet on wet technique here (mostly), although I don’t know much about techniques to be honest, and mostly just do what feels right at the time – please don’t judge me too harshly!


A watercolour pansy

While the pansy was drying I decided to paint using the wet on dry technique, I did not really have anything in particular in mind, so have ended up with the little wreath.


Tomorrow is Mother’s day (or Mothering Sunday) here in the UK and those people who are lucky to have mothers will be sending flowers, cards, calling or visiting them tomorrow. Love your mothers every day, not just on Mother’s day, and tell them that you love them, call them as often as you can, talk to them while they are still alive.

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